Enterprise Edition

leanEdit Enterprise Edition Gen3 now available!

leanEdit Enterprise Edition gives you all the features and power of the Client Edition in a thin client environment.  The Enterprise Edition is deployed on your corporate server or accessed directly from the cloud allowing all subscribed team members to interact via their web browsers.  It has a simple, intuitive interface just like the Client Edition with the added bonus of “ Super User” mode where designated users can view, sort, search and share all Enterprise projects across the network. This makes it ideal for large teams and corporations to collaborate, share and leverage best practices across their user base as well as interacting seamlessly with remote locations and across time zones.

leanEdit enables continuous improvement efforts through the use of different video analysis tools including “Labor Analysis”, “Multi Cycle Analysis” and Set Up Reduction”. The intuitive “point and click” interface makes it up to 60% faster than traditional video analysis methods. Additional features such as customizable categories, downloadable clips, video searching and merging capabilities further enhance the user experience.

leanEdit is backed by a team of cutting edge developers and experienced practitioners who can help improve your business processes using the full power of leanEdit’s modern, intuitive approach.


If you would like to know more please email us at support@leanedit.com


  • View and share ALL  projects using “Super User” mode

  • Search for best practices by project type, product, keyword or email

  • Use the Multi Cycle Analysis tool to analyze short and repetitive operations

  • Make changes quickly with the Edit Description feature

  • Isolate and view your project output with the Future State summary view

  • Export current and future views of your completed analysis to fully functioning spreadsheets

  • Play your uploaded video at any time using Full Clip mode

  • Play back deleted clips on the Analysis page

  • Navigate through the application more intuitively with the color coded, easy to read interface

  • Add and customize your own analysis categories

  • Download clips from multiple areas within the application for use elsewhere

  • Merge and upload multiple videos for more complex projects

  • Create a montage of Favorite Clips for presentation purposes

  • Search for Clips, Projects and Favorites at your convenience

  • Reuse uploaded videos as many times as you like from My Vault

  • Move through Multi Cycle Analysis quicker with auto step numbering

  • Host a greater number of multiple users simultaneously across your network

  • Complete your projects faster with improved streaming capability