Client Edition

leanEdit Client Edition

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leanEdit Client Edition utilizes leanEdit’s powerful, intuitive interface natively on your desktop computer or laptop.  It’s the ideal setup for businesses that have dedicated workstations or individuals on the go that may have to work offline.

leanEdit enables continuous improvement efforts through the use of different video analysis tools including:

  • Labor Analysis
  • Multi Cycle Analysis
  • Set Up Reduction

The intuitive “point and click” interface makes it up to 60% faster than traditional video analysis methods.

Share and collaborate with team members using the import/ export feature.

Additional features such as customizable categories, downloadable clips, video searching, merging capabilities and spreadsheet exporting further enhance the user experience.

leanEdit is backed by a team of cutting edge developers and experienced practitioners who can help improve your business processes using the full power of leanEdit’s modern, intuitive approach.

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  • Four tools in one easy to use application

  • Applies to Manufacturing and Administrative situations

  • Integrates video playback and analysis

  • 50%-60% faster than traditional methods

  • Export your analysis to fully functioning spreadsheets

  • Never lose your place with the video auto locate feature

  • Compile favorite clips as you go for playback later

  • Allows multiple videos to be uploaded and merged for more complex projects

  • Create a montage of favorite clips for presentation

  • Full search capability for videos, projects and favorites

  • Play the whole video at any time during the analysis using the “Full Clip” feature

  • Add and customize your own analysis categories

  • Carry out analysis in full screen mode

  • Supports multi cycle analysis for short, repeatable tasks

  • Capability to download clips from multiple areas within the application

  • Share and collaborate with team mates using the import/export feature